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About us

3 years already!

Docteur Ka

I'm Karine Debasc, a passionate advocate of beauty and the art of living, holder of a Doctorate in Pharmacy and owner of the prestigious Pharmacie de l'Île Saint-Louis in Paris for fifteen years now.



After two decades spent rubbing shoulders with the magic of my pharmacy shelves, I decided to launch a range of beauty products that are both indoor and outdoor. Docteur Ka is much more than just a cosmetics brand; it embodies a philosophy of life, an invitation to embrace simplicity and authenticity in our quest for holistic beauty.

Pioneer of Skinmalism, each Docteur Ka product is the result of extensive scientific research, aiming to deliver exceptional results for all skin types, without compromising on quality or our commitment to respecting nature.
With us, fewer products does not mean less efficiency; on the contrary, it is a promise of purity and excellence, because we are committed to protecting the skin barrier.

Dominique Crenn


Guided by my passion for gastronomy and the pleasures of the table, I had the exceptional opportunity to collaborate with prestigious Michelin-starred chef Dominique Crenn. Together, we gave birth to a new dietary supplement, "Crennergie", a veritable elixir of life that draws its strength from the treasures of nature. Today, as we celebrate our third anniversary, I'm delighted to see how much our little company has grown.

Quality and excellence


Today, as we celebrated our third anniversary, I am overwhelmed by how much our small business has grown. Personalities from all over the world flock to discover our beauty secrets, including icons such as Enrico Macias, Daniel Auteuil, Maria Bello and Sophie Forte, all seduced by the authenticity and effectiveness of our products.

Please know that our commitment to quality and excellence remains unwavering. All our products are made in France, an unwavering passion for beauty in all its forms. With Science and Passion, we continue our journey, determined to write the most beautiful pages in the history of beauty.