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ECHINACEA - Docteur Ka

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Strengthen your natural defenses: a shield against autumn ailments

The use of Echinacea to treat infections and other respiratory ailments comes from the Amerindians - who also used it for fevers, wounds and snake bites...

Autumn is the ideal time to start a cure: to strengthen the immune system against the onslaught of winter viruses and at the first symptoms of a cold, to alleviate the symptoms and get back on your feet more quickly.

The compounds from the roots of this plant with its delicate pink flowers have the power to activate various cells of the immune system. Combined with their antiviral and antibacterial properties, Doctor Ka invites you to take care of your ENT sphere as winter approaches!

Discover or rediscover these capsules in two formats (50 or 100 capsules) now on or in our shop at 8 rue Jean Bellay, Paris.

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ECHINACEA - Docteur Ka
ECHINACEA - Docteur Ka Sale price€29,00