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- Brewer's yeast is a living material composed of non-pathogenic microscopic fungi,

rich in group B vitamins, which play an essential role in the health of the skin and
integuments (nails, hair).

- Stinging nettle, a plant with velvet leaves, is rich in vitamins and minerals, and helps

• Strengthen the hair fiber
• Regulate sebum production
• Fight against dandruff
• Fight against hair loss
• Promote hair growth
• Help maintain the elasticity of skin and hair
• Promote hair growth

Vitamin B contributes to healthy hair and good hair growth. Indeed, it participates in
the synthesis of keratin, the protein which constitutes the hair. Vitamin B also has
nourishing properties, like deeply hydrating the hair.

Vitamin B5 fights against hair loss: it supports the adrenal glands, which stimulates
hair growth. This vitamin participates in the renewal of skin cells and acts on sensitive skin.

Vitamin B6 increases the action of other vitamins: it promotes the maintenance of
healthy skin thanks to its action on the skin cells which synthesize keratin. Thus, it
participates in strengthening the hair fiber.

Vitamin B8, also called Biotin, helps fight hair loss and promotes hair growth and
elasticity. This vitamin is not only recommended for hair care, but also for skin care
and to strengthen brittle nails. A multifunction vitamin!

- Zinc participates in the constitution of proteins. Keratin is the main protein in nails
and hair ... Zinc therefore participates in the synthesis of keratin and, thus, in the
strengthening of the nails.

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